Of course I can’t settle on one…and I’m sure you guys are tired of hearing about Naruto and Aichi, so here’s a twist to the question; instead of a favorite character I’m posting my favorite female characters.

Characters From Left to Right

Gemini Sunrise ~ Sakura Taisen

Kurumu Kurono ~ Rosario + Vampire

Akeno Himejima ~ High School DXD

Yukiko Amagi ~ Persona 4 Animation

Yamada ~ B Gata H Kei

Medaka Kurokami ~ Medaka Box

Nadie ~ El Cazador de la bruja

Hinata Hyuga ~ Naruto/Shippuden

Mizore Shirayuki ~ Rosario + Vampire

Almost to the end of the challenge…and I realized I missed a lot. I’d like to go back and answer some of the questions before the end. 

P.S. if anyone finds decent artwork/fanart of these girls let me know by photo response reblog or something~

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